Thursday, 10 December 2015

Recent Workshop on "The Art of VIolin"

November 27th, 
5 to 8 pm,
My recent workshop on the studies of various prominent violinists and their techniques through the documentary The Art of Violin
in Farahang Music Institute

The aim of this workshop was to familiar music students (concentration on violin pupils) with the depth reality of music phenomena through a visual and aural experience.
I thought it is be best to translate and analyse this specific professionally produced documentary by Bruno Monsaingeon which is a thorough source for each one of my interests to discuss.

Descriptions were based on the visual details of the movie, simply mentioning these items:
  • Instruction methods
  • How to practice
  • The perfection of bow 
  • Expression in music
  • Structural listening
  • Chamber music and ensemble
  • The role of a conductor
  • and The phenomena of music

However, the applicants were mainly among children, I am so happy that the workshop could succeed to attract about 45 applicants and to keep their attention to sit on chairs for 3 hours!
This outcome makes me more energetic to continue this approach and pave the way for students to get easier coherence of music and speed up their learning process.

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