Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workshop, Sound in New Age, University of Tehran

In this post, I am going to talk about my workshop on sound art at University of Tehran for music students.

Here is the first part of my workshop. I talked about the field of sound art and its branches. There were so many interesting examples like sound sculpture. Then I talked about our rehearsals with Keith Rowe at LCC.

This is the second part of workshop and I practiced with students in many variations according to what I learned from Keith Rowe. Here I asked some volunteer music students to do the final practice. In this section, volunteers are asked to make sustained tones for four times. Each start has to be all together and the dynamics vary in each start. The first sustain tones have to be in pianissimo; the second one in mezzo-forte; the third one in forte; and the last one in piano. In addition, no one had the freedom to change the tone structure during playing a sustained tone.

Here you can listen to the recording of this practice:

I hope it would open a path to higher improvements for the music students.

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