Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome to the world of sounds!

"I don't compose music, I only say Look!", Peter Ablinger said in his workshop in Tehran.
"Just try to play only one sound in one minute", Keith Rowe said in his improvisation workshop at London College of Communication.
What is sound that these great artists are talking about?
We are living in a world full of sound and noises which our ears are mostly used not to listen to them.
The art of sound is a field which asks us to think twice about sounds are surrounding us.

I had a very great experience in London, offered by Six Pillars, to listen and play with sounds. During this two weeks residency I found new sounds on my violin which I had never touched them before. I had to play with laptops so I had to make different sounds with my violin. I learned that we can hear sounds in a different view. The view which shows us how to enjoy even the noises are coming from our television.

This weblog is the opportunity to share my experiences with you, so keep in touch!
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