Monday, 13 January 2014

Max MSP vs Pure Data

I used to work with pure data. Programming with pure data has a wide range of abilities to get to any artistic ideas, but it is necessary to learn its programming language. As a musician it is too hard to learn how to use Pure Data, but Mas MSP made those abilities in a more user friendly way.
Pure Data
For having an object in Pd I had to insert some codes in order to make them because no object is ready there. So, it could not be possible to make a patch without the knowledge of those codes. Max MSP gives the opportunity to have shortcuts of objects which has made its using so easier and the objects are more useful rather than Pd. Banger is one of my favorite objects which I found in Max.

Max workshop at LCC was one of my favorite workshops because introduced Max to me. However, this software is really expensive to purchase.

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