Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fights for Success in Art

Who is an artist? How can we distinguish between a valuable art work and just a combination of accidental issues? Does it make sense to say a good work or a bad work? What is the best way of criticizing? Is it necessary for an artist to be avant-garde? What about traditional classical artists?...

These questions are very familiar among Iranian artists. The main problem we had during our music composition study courses was how to overcome huge amount of well-known artists and introduce our unique musical language. We did not even know how to be unique and special. I see that many music composition students are dealing with hard pressure and can not even find any solution for that. Some teachers insist on traditional classical compositions and consider avant-garde musics as somethings out of artistic values, while there are also teachers who only focus on being avant-garde for the reason of nowadays life and contemporary music.

There comes a question about the connection between time and artist. What is the definition of these words, traditional,and modern?

I believe that we can be modern and traditional at the same time. We can be modern according to our past history and we can be traditional according to our future. Therefore, these are not proper measurement for artistic criticizing. Primitive humans in the cages had been creating something new and modern to their age. Therefore, being avant-garde or traditional are the definitions which has been made after creations for categorizing our studies.

So what should we follow to become a successful artist? Is it necessary to create something completely new? Does it mean that we can not be a successful artist if we have not created something completely new? I have read about many successful composers who are composing music without any attention to be specifically different... So, What is the truth?

As a music composition graduate, I believe that it is extremely unfair to confuse a composition student about his or her success by focusing on the areas which only relates to time. What I have concluded by studying many scores of various successful composers from all around the world, is a self-freedom of being criticized.

In fact, the problem we are dealing is forgetting the main definition of art but focusing on some confusing details instead.

I hope this blog can do some helps for our young art students.

Next part I am going to talk about the definition of valuable art and artist.

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