Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Enjoy Scales on Violin

Why is it boring to practice scales for the beginner students?
How can we as teachers encourage them to feel needy about practicing scales?
To me, as a violin teacher, I have found this method as the best one for my students to find out "How" and "WHY" practice scales on their violin.
Paul Harris, Improve Your Scales

It introduces the tonic and dominant of the scale at first so the student learns to focus more on these sounds while playing and also about the fundamental reasons of this practice. Then it starts to fill the interval between the tonic and dominant. 

It is an interesting method because it is not only offering scales of 8 notes coming up and down, but also scales in shape of melodies with different rhythmic variations.
It also includes parts for student to improvise in the tonality!

I am so happy that I found this method at Schotts music store and it will give a lot of joy to my students in Iran :)

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