Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Call for Projects Peter Ablinger – „Composition beyond Music“ Workshop

„Composition beyond Music“ by no means excludes „music“, but above all it is
an opportunity to reflect on presentation forms for acoustic works, for sound
compositions that go beyond the classic concert setup.
Field recordings, site-specific compositions and installations, the presentation
of sounds, sound production as a social pattern, the essentials of sound and
music, music without sounds, technology and research into source material, the
body in music, archaeoacoustics, sound and other media, perception and
reality – these are just some of the potential themes to be explored, elaborated,
and presented by the participants in their own works in this workshop series
that combines theory and practice. The direction and focus of each workshop
will ultimately be determined by the individual concepts and ideas of the
participants and also depends on the available venues, galleries, and
performance possibilities.
The workshop is meant to encourage the critical analysis of musical
preconditions and practices so that the participants will be inspired to discover
alternative forms of sounds and listening through the aesthetic examination of
such practices.
Consequently, the workshop is not only open to composers, sound artists and
musicians but also to participants from other disciplines, provided that they are
interested in making reference to or integrating sound into their work.
Peter Ablinger
Conditions of participation
The workshop is restricted
to a small group of about 8-10 composers/artists,
who have to be registered as Summer Course participants. Costs for material
necessary to be purchased or rent for the realisation of the works at Darmstadt
Summer Course 2014 can be at least partially reimbursed (more information
about this later).
As the program and supervision by Peter Ablinger is very intense – both with
individual tutoring as well as lectures and discussions as a group on a
permanent basis accompanying the actual realisation of works on spot –
participants of this program will have restricted possibilities to receive lessions
from other tutors. However they are of course free to attend all other offers
(such as group lectures, lectures and discussions, concerts etc.) open also to
all other participants at the Summer Course.
The participants are advised to make use of and attend a preceding meeting in
Darmstadt (period 23 to 26 April 2014) to already meet with Peter Ablinger and
the other participants, check out the site-specific conditions, get general infos
and attend first lectures by Peter Ablinger in order to prepare for the final
working period during the Darmstadt Summer Course (2 to 16 August 2014). In
between this first meeting and the Summer Course the participants are
requested to develop specific ideas to be realised during the Summer Course
and also being presented within the festival.
Please, send a CV and a short sketch of your project idea via E-Mail to
imd[at] by 15 January 2014 the latest.
The workshop „Composition Beyound Music“ is a special project set up within the EU project and network ULYSSES and will be organised by five partners (IMD, DE, Darmstadt / impuls, A, Graz / Gaudeamus Muziekweek, NL, Utrecht / IRCAM, FR, Paris / Time of Music, FI, Vitasaari). The results of all workshops will then be compiled and represent different perspectives on the topic by approximately 40 international young composers/artists taking into consideration also the site-specific conditions of each place respectively specifics of each workshop and institution.

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