Monday, 6 January 2014

Unconscious to Conscious

I was thinking all these days about how to describe what I learned about prepared violin and its philosophy. The main question was to find the idea which has concluded to prepared instruments. I was dealing with finding a clear answer to these questions...
It happened finally last night and I found that there is an approach of electronic music returning to acoustic materials.

It is really interesting that John Cage introduced Prepared Piano which caused the main idea to invent synthesizer, and then in following, pure electronic music with computers. And what is happening now is a new approach and need of electronic music's structure with usage of acoustic materials.

Having this philosophy, I think there is no need now to describe any more details about prepared instruments, how to make them, what to do with and its goals. In fact, I believe that even it can cause interested artists to feel limited by hearing more details about it.

The main important idea is the reflection of electronic music in acoustic instruments/materials.

However, there are some former experiences which now can be found in details as Extended Techniques of each one of instruments. I do not want to give you any aspects in order to keep myself away from limiting your creativity, but just to give you a glance about prepared violin, I can give you an example of putting some objects like a small screw among the strings between the finger-board and sound-post then stroking bow on the spring.

It is possible to put any other material between or over the strings and experiment the sound.

I will talk about this area more soon again. Please stay in touch :)

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