Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Commercial music and literature

Talking about commercial music, people mostly believe that a piece of music is great when its lyrics are great or because the singer sings perfectly. But is it enough to support the piece as a great piece of music?
Of course the performance and the lyrics are very powerful elements to support the music. The singer should be technically able to express all the aspects of the lyrics and the lyrics should be quite meaningful to absorb the auditors.
But if they are enough, OK! so forget about the composition and forget about all the instruments, and let them go home.
This is absolutely undeniable that the composition is a very important part of each music piece to support its success.
Now, we should deal with new subjects to consider... The elements of composition! so please do see the composers! they are who can make a usual singer famous! but they can also ruin the role of a very great singer! they are who can make a good poem sound brilliant, but they can also make a great poem sound terrible!
So please see the backgrounds, the great composers who are lost behind the voice of their well-known just good singers whom they have made them well-known.

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